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2017 Lamp of Learning Receipents. The College of Health Care Professions - Fort Worth, Everest College - Arlington, Brightwood College - San Antonio, Compu-Med Vocational Careers Corp - Hialeah, University of Antelope Valley - Lancaster

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Help yourself by preparing for your certification examination with the official NAHP review book. Available for each credential offered by the NAHP. Bundle it today with an online practice examination!

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Continuing Education - Requirements

Continuing education for health professionals is essential for maintaining competence, self-confidence, career continuity, and the knowledge base for promotions. Continuing Education can be defined as any educational program designed to maintain the level of competence, knowledge, and skill necessary to perform the duties that are demanded in the update of medicine.

Continuing education credits will be earned annually through CPR training, continuing education updates provided by NAHP and/or through outside continuing education courses.

At some point during your year of certification you are required to complete 10 credit hours of continuing education. A copy of a current CPR card is mandatory and counts as 4 credit hours towards the 10 due. Online CPR courses do not count towards continuing education credits. The other 6 can be outside CEUs you do for work, etc (use the CEU submission form available on the website) or you can complete 2 of the CEUs that NAHP provides on our website. The NAHP CEUs count as 3 credits each. Please click here for the CEU submission form.

Qualifying Continuing Education Activities

The following activities, provided they are relevant to the healthcare field, are deemed appropriate for receipt of continuing education units:

Participation in Educational Programs

  1. Educational portions of programs, sessions, or presentations of healthcare and other relevant professional associations | One (1) CEU for each hour of participation
  2. Educational portions of programs, sessions, or presentations sponsored by schools, organizations or vendors on topics, which maintain, update, or enlarge knowledge and/or skills | One (1) CEU for each hour of participation
  3. Telecommunications and web-based communications (e.g. conference calls, webinars, podcasts) | One (1) CEU for each hour of participation

Participation in Formal Educational Programs of Study

  1. Post-secondary courses attended for credit, including guided independent study and regular college or university courses. Courses taken in pursuit of associate, baccalaureate, master, or doctorate degrees are included. All coursework and final exams must be completed by the cycle end date.
  2. Fifteen (15) CEUs for each semester/trimester credit
    Ten (10) CEUs for each quarter credit

  3. Audit of academic course or relevant non-credit adult education course, including attendance at a college or university course with permission and following regulations, without completing necessary requirements for full formal credit. Course must be completed by the cycle end date.
  4. Six (6) CEUs for each semester/trimester credit
    Four (4) CEUs for each quarter credit

  5. Correspondence and other formal, independent, online, or distance education study programs which consist of readings and exercises submitted to a knowledgeable instructor for evaluation. Courses normally cover several lessons to be completed in a specific time cycle. Certificate of completion must show that all coursework and exams were completed by the cycle end date. Self-study programs are defined as courses completed outside of a classroom environment using printed material, periodicals, audio and/or video cassettes, electronic media or online media.

  6. Credit for self-study programs is determined by the hours of completion time recommended / established by the CE sponsor.

    Programs are accepted for CEUs in an initial unit of at least one hour (minimum of 50 minutes constitutes one class hour).

Independent Study Activities / NAHP Publications

  1. Completion of Class A NAHP publication | (CEUs pre-determined by NAHP) (3 credit hours each)

Please click on the link(s) below to download/view documents and email.

Listed below are the most recent CEU Updates. Please note that CEU Updates are not accepted via fax. In order to receive credit for your CEU Update, it must be mailed to the address specified on the CEU Update. Any of the CEU Updates may be done for credit. The June 2010 Update on Preventive Dentistry is for anyone to do, it is the topic of the CEU Update, it is not meant specifically for Dental Assistants.

Download / View   Please choose a CEU update by clicking the 'down' arrow for a list

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CEU Requirements

CEU credits are earned yearly. CEU credits are not required during your 1st year of certification.

A copy of a current CPR card is required to be submitted each year.

Completed CEU Updates can be scanned and emailed directly to Alma White at

Alternately, completed CEU Updates can be sent to:

National Association for Health Professionals
Continuing Education Department
P.O. Box 459
Gardner, KS 66030