School of the Year

STVT Brownsville Campus in Brownsville, Texas has received the National Association for Health Porfessionals School of the Year for 2015. We praise their exceptional efforts and dedication to their students.

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Proctor of the Year

Vilma Saenz is the National Association for Health Professionals' Proctor of the Year for 2015. We thank her for her service, and for demonstrating the values honored by the NAHP.

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Online Certification

Become a certified member of the National Association for Health Professions today! Show your competency in your field and stand out among your peers!

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Certification Review

Help yourself by preparing for your certification examination with the official NAHP review book. Available for each credential offered by the NAHP. Bundle it today with an online practice examination!

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About the NAHP Credentials

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Professionals earn these distinctions through a combination of education, training, and supervised clinical experience in the healthcare arena validated by their performance through the NAHP certification examinations.


The Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant (NRCMA) designation demonstrates to colleagues, patients, employers and the public at large that certified individuals have the administrative and clinical knowledge and proficiency required of the medical assistant professional in the physician and health care practice settings.

Exam Content Outline
NRCMA, Medical Assistant Exam

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Proper Use of the Credential

NAHP’s certification marks represent the highest standards of excellence in the field of healthcare and are valuable assets of NAHP. Professionals authorized by NAHP to use its certification marks benefit from both our long history of high ethical and educational standards and the public recognition of NAHP’s certification marks as symbols of professional accomplishment.

After receiving official notification of the NAHP designation, meeting all eligibility requirements, and passing the examination, individuals may use their credential in all correspondence and professional relations. The credential is typically used after the certificant’s name following any academic degrees and licensure (e.g. Mary Smith, BS, NRDA). If you hold multiple NAHP certifications, list them in order they were obtained, with the most recent first.


Correct Use:

  • John Doe is a Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant® certificant
  • John Doe, Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant® certificant
  • John and Jane Doe are Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant® certificants
  • Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant®
  • John Doe, NRCMA®


  • ABC employs three Nationally Registered Certified Medical Assistant® professionals
  • John Doe, CST


Each candidate is required to read & understand all of the policies and procedures in the candidate handbook.

Online Application
Candidate Handbook

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